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Senin, 30 Desember 2013


Ranukumbolo is a mountainous lake located in Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park, Lumajang, East Java, Indonesia, located at the altitude 2400 mdpl. Ranukumbolo is mean, Ranu = Lake, so Ranukumbolo is kumbolo lake.  Ranukumbolo have a beautiful scenery, with green grasses and wide lake about 14 hectare. Ranukumbolo is 4th rest before climber go up Mt. Semeru. Ranukumbolo is favorite rest place, besides there is water sources and of course exotic scenery. In the night, temperature can reach until 5 degree celcius. 

Before go to Ranukumbolo, climber must register at Ranupane, from Ranupane we need 4 until 5 hours to arrive at Ranukumbolo, but often novice climbers need 5 until 6 hours to arrive at Ranukumbolo. At weekend, the climbers is overload, usually climb activity will limited 450 until 500 peoples. For the first time, when I go there, I need about 6 hours to reach Ranukumbolo. Needs physically and mentally strong because of we will pass the steep terrain and mileage about 50 – 60 km. Preparation is important, don’t like me only  reckless capital (bondo nekat) hehe. Along the way we will meet other climber. The air is very clean and cool, the view is very beautiful, so Ranukumbolo is the right place for holiday but don’t forget to be carefully.
Before Ranukumbolo, we will arrive at Ranupane, Ranupane is a last village we need to register in here. Climber submit his photocopy of identity and bill of health, climber must pay administration about Rp. 15.000,-. At Ranupane, climber can checking again their backpack. To arrive Ranupane, climber can take the way of Sidoarjo - Malang - Tumpang – Ranupane.

Well, Ranukumbolo is dazzling, moreover after 5 cm the movie. At night Ranukumbolo like a fair because of many climber build camp. Don’t forget, we must keeping the nature, please don’t throw anything except breath, don’t take anything except photos and don’t leave anything except footprint. Happy holiday and safely climb.